January 30, 2018 // Style

Milk Makeup Luminous Blur Stick Makes Your Skin Look Like Your Pores Don’t Even Exist

You may be familiar with the great Milk Makeup Blur Stick, and you probably love it, right? If you thought it couldn’t be improved upon, well you’re just plain wrong. Please welcome to the world, the Luminous Blur Stick. This does everything the original does, and so much more.

An oil-free, silicone-free chubby stick you rub all over your face then blend, the Luminous Blur Stick has the uncanny ability to fill in your pores, so it’s almost as though they don’t exist*. It also gives this glow that shows through your foundation (if you use one), so you look fresh but not greasy, and definitely not glittery.

It’s so good you can use a super light foundation (Milk Sunshine Tint gives the perfect coverage) so you still see your skin, only it’s even and smooth and looks basically retouched.

This stuff is so good we are telling all our friends they need it, and so do you! Seriously, you will love it.

*Dream scenario

$36 at Milkmakeup.com

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