June 21, 2018 // Design

MoMA Has Released A Cindy Sherman iPhone-Shaped Pool Float

The pool float biz has really taken off these past few summers. At this point you can float on basically anything from the classic giant swan (that started this whole thing) to a cloud with a rainbow arch.

No float thus far has been quite as cool as this, though. Designed by Third Drawer Down, Cindy Sherman approved the art featured on the float: a selfie that accidentally morphed with another photo on her phone and came out very Cindy Sherman-ish.

However, were we to think Cindy is one for incessant narcissistic selfies, we would be wrong. She only took the photo to send a photo of a hat her friend Helen Winer had knit for her.

The intention for the float is that it can be used as a sculptural object, or just a really cool pool float.

Sales of the float benefit Friends of + POOL, a nonprofit organization building a river-water filtering floating swimming pool in New York. Cindy has supported the project since 2016.

Pre-order now at MoMA.org

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