May 2, 2012 // Style

Mood Lipstick: Sounds Cheesy, Actually Is Really Cool

Mood rings: awesome. Mood…lipstick? Skeptical doesn’t begin to cover it. But despite extremely cheesy packaging and common sense saying it’s a joke, Mood Magic lipstick is actually the bomb. No, it doesn’t change color with what you’re feeling; like regular mood rings, it responds to body heat and, when applied, changes from its unnatural hue to a perfect complementing shade, no matter your skin tone. In shades of yellow, green and blue, the sticks look like favorites of The Hunger Games Effie Trinket, but change to coral, reddish pink and plum, respectively. We tried it out with two friends (all different complexions) as a joke and totally ate our words: they looked amazing! The blue/plum variety especially – super jealous we didn’t snag that one, though the yellow/coral is now a purse staple. Seriously. We now take it everywhere. Because not only does it match our skin tone, it’s sheer and shiny, like a gloss minus the stickiness, and contains aloe vera, so it moisturizes. Oh, and it’s only $3. One day we forgot both lipstick and Chapstick, but got by with Mood Magic. Sort of embarrassing. Sort of don’t care.

$3 at and select Walgreens

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