April 11, 2012 // Style

Nars Thakoon Nail Polish Collaboration Is Most Definitely A Collect ‘Em All Situation

We’re not really “display” people. We don’t like products stacked up on the bathroom windowsill or on the edge of the tub. The tub thing is a result of Tami Roman on The Real World Season 2 — when she moved in she told everyone she didn’t like shampoo bottles and stuff around the tub and they needed to respect that. Then later in the season she had her jaw wired shut to lose weight, then she had an abortion, then she had Kevin kicked out after he dragged her down the hallway in her underwear. Now she’s on Basketball Wives. Ah Tami. Now while we are not too keen on bottles cluttering up our space, we are absolutely fine with lining up the Thakoon Nars nail polish collection in a prime location. The six-shade collection features the most beautiful saturated shades of azalea pink, powder blue, and bright yellow and more. They come in a high-shine, opaque finish and there’s a mandarin red shade that’s exclusive to the Nars Bleecker Street store in New York. We don’t normally want to say “collect ’em all!” after all it’s not Beanie Babies we’re talking here, but in this case, go ’head gurl. Every color is a must-have.

$18, available from May 1 at Narscosmetics.com

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