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New Band: Bad Girlfriend

Do I spy an all-girl group?

You do! Bad Girlfriend is a group of four Williamsburg-based ladies — Christian Owens, Brianna Lance, Savannah King and Lyla Vander — who love music and decided they wanted to do it together. Christian and Brianna were of now-defunct band Tomorrow’s Friend; when it fell apart, they started writing their own songs in Christian’s living room and recruited friends Savannah, who had never played an instrument and taught herself bass, and Lyla to play with them. Hang-out jam sessions turned into a band, and here they are: a high school garage-band-style success story.

Where did the name come from?

They used to perform under the moniker Grandma’s Boy, but when listening to a friend vent about a terrible significant other, his “BAD GIRLFRIEND,” they swapped. One man’s pain, other girls’ pleasure, we suppose.

That’s cute. So are they any good?

They have a really unique sound, in part because all four write the songs together. Their process is “organic,” as they say, and songs just fall together in pretty fantastic harmony (everyone but Savannah lends their voices, which leads to a collective Shangri-Las-type croon). Their influences are pretty varied — everything from The Cure to Chuck Berry — but the big ones are dream pop and psych rock, tinged with a little late ’60s beachiness; three-part harmonies, cymbals and tambourines, gentle guitars. It’s not soft, but it’s not hard either.

They’re not just for girls though, right?

Is Best Coast just for girls? No. These ladies are seasoned musicians (well, most of them) with a collaborative, sun-bleached sound that’s universally appealing. And, it’s super seasonally appropriate; it was definitely our sunbathing, BBQ-ing soundtrack this weekend. Plus, we hear they’re a ton of fun live (and what’s better than seeing four girls rock out?), and they play around NYC all the time.

Sweet. Can I listen now?

Sure thing. Download their four-song EP for free on Bandcamp, and get ready for their new album dropping this summer. They’re planning a tour as well; check their website for new shows.

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