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New Band: The Henry Millers

What is this, a literary tribute band? Intellectual rock?
Hmmm, well, it’s not a book-on-tape turned band, if that’s what you mean. But The Henry Millers are definitely smart cookies. Their true-to-life lyrics of dying romances and broken feelings are definitely in line with their namesake author’s (he wrote Tropic of Cancer) self-critiques and philosophical introspection, set to folksy sweeping, orchestral melodies à la Edward Sharpe.

That sounds awesome.

It’s fantastic. The group is actually five members strong, so there’s quite a bit of instrumental participation going on, but it’s fronted by vocalists John MacCallum and Katie Schecter. They have a hippie-meets-hipster vibe: family band harmonies, complex and collaborative melodies, synths and tambourines, Brooklyn. But don’t expect the full-on campfire song turned radio hits of the aforementioned Sharpe’s Home. They’re a little more Arcade Fire — listen to the lyrics and you’ll get it. At first, it sounds childlike, but when you pay attention you realize the references to treehouses and lone socks translate to real shit: lost innocence, lost love, sad souls. Plus a synth that sounds like a triangle.

Um, depressing!

No, it’s not! We promise. They have the whole beautifully misleading happy-tunes-with-deep-lyrics thing going on. We suggest you download their single Mr. Flash Gordon on their website right now, which uses a comic-book hero to talk about rejection and life’s failures (“seen a lot of things but he couldn’t handle this”). Brilliant. Their EP is only $5 online, too, so you should get on that ASAP. Stay tuned for shows in the area via Facebook — these guys are definitely on their way up the New York music scene ladder.


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