September 15, 2014 // Style

New York Based Clothing Line Hoot Succeeded Where Many Others Failed In Creating Actual Perfect-Fit, Edgy Essentials

It’s always exciting when a brand decides to create timeless classics, but sadly the ‘great basics’ intentions don’t always work out. Not everyone understands great fit, and not everyone understands certain fabrics don’t work with certain styles. Sometimes we’re all like, god you guys, how did you get it so wrong? In the case of Hoot, however, it’s more like, holy shitballs, you got this whole thing totally right.

The brand new New York clothing company creates limitless essentials; designer Patrik Rzepski is inspired by the (apparent!) effortlessness of French women, and the fast-paced, never-not-traveling lifestyle of fashionable downtown New Yorkers. There’s a boat-neck dress, in a ridiculously super-soft rayon-linen blend that’s truly as comfortable as a sweatsuit, yet aesthetically epitomizes the whole easy, Parisian thing. Then there’s the shirtdress. Have you ever tried a shirt dress? It’s only now we’ve discovered Hoot’s insanely flattering take that we realize how much everyone just should have one of these. Period. A good shirtdress is the equivalent of a great pair of jeans. Layer it, don’t layer it, wear a sneaker, or a boot, it all works. We love how they did they red and black dress in silk crepe de chine, but kept it classic crisp cotton for the white version. As it should be! And there’s a navy one too. If you bought them all you wouldn’t regret for a second.

In addition to oxfords, tanks, a sick wool jacket and A-line skirt there’s maybe one of the best sweatshirts we’ve happened upon in quite a while. A French terry affair, it’s got side snap buttons so you can expose your hip, if that’s your thing, or button up when it’s chilly. The best part about the buttons is they can be adjusted accordingly to sit right over any other layer you may be wearing. It’s just kind of a little stroke of sweatshirt genius, really.

Pieces start at $45 at

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