July 26, 2012 // Style

Out Of Print Ebook Jackets Make It Seem As Though You’re Reading An Actual Book

We have such a thing for book-inspired accessories. You don’t have to go chill at a bookstore to show people you actually read, you can send that message all day long with accessories from Out Of Print. They have Lolita coasters! They have Great Gatsby totes (thick, strong totes not the crappy, flimsy kind)! And now they’re doing the most amazing ebook jackets for iPad and Kindle Fire. They look, feel and wear like an actual book, as each hardcover case is printed on book fabric that has been treated to withstand constant wear and tear. Can you handle this? We can’t. Of course, in order for your regular fellow commuters to believe you’re not on the um, slow side, you’ll need to clearly show them it’s a Kindle in there and not just one book that you somehow never finish. Mind you, if it was Ulysses we’re sure they’d understand. The founders of two-year-old company currently have a Kickstarter campaign to fund the launch and production of the covers, which we fully support. You know what we would really like? If you could make Judy Blume’s Just As Long As We’re Together one of the books. We know all our girlfriends would want that, too. Who can we talk to about that?



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