July 23, 2013 // Style

Philanthropy Meets Fashion And Function In Metric’s Emily Haines x Fleet4HearMe Brass Pen Necklace

We love a good sentiment and when it’s attached to some kind of accessory, even better. Emily Haines of Metric clearly feels the same way, since she’s designed a sick necklace with Fleet jewelry as part of its HearMe program which raises money to build recording studios in international orphanages to allow children to learn to play music. The sleek brass bullet design twists open to reveal a pen engraved with a lyric from Metric’s Dreams So Real; “believe in the power of songs”. While you’re at it, check out Fleet’s plated stainless steel earplugs “for the professional partier”. Or in our case, “the Lower East Side noise-phobe.”

Matrc x Fleet4HearMe necklace, $120 and earplugs $75 at Fleetjewelry.com

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