March 19, 2014 // Style

PSA: The Most Perfect High-Waisted Bell-Bottoms Have Been Created By Mcguire Denim

Spring is on the way, which means less ground sludge and so on, which also means you can resume the wearing of the bell-bottoms. Bells are hard in winter, you’re always stepping over filthy snow and such, and you can only get one wear before you have to clean your jeans. But those days will soon be behind us. The Majorelle flares by Mcguire Denim are beyond perfection. The denim is super soft and light and they come in a 34” inseam, but are raw at the ends so you can tailor to your desired length. Here’s a tip: wash hot and dry hot before tailoring so you’ve dealt with any potential shrinkage. Ours actually didn’t shrink that much at all, which is cool. Let’s talk about the fit: It’s ah-mazing. We pride ourselves on being denim experts, and if that butt is wack, you are not going to ever wear those jeans. The Majorelle flare has the perfect ass. No lie, it makes you look like you’ve been at pilates every day for three months. These are the high-waisted bell-bottoms you’ve been searching for ever since you saw Dazed and Confused. YOU WILL LOVE THESE JEANS.

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