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Revealed: The Secret To Finding The Perfect Concealer For Your Skin Tone (It’s Not That Hard)

We know that school is still out for a tiny bit more but we think it’s about time that we have a little tutorial on the make-up product that has tripped up even the most seasoned of make-up mavens…concealer. You want to cover dark circles and small imperfections right? But use the wrong concealer shade and you can end up looking not so hot (gasp!), and we want all our ladies to look AMAZE at all times.

The secret key to concealer perfection is deciphering your skin’s undertones. What are undertones you say? We’re so glad you asked! Skin undertones are the underlying tint to the skin that influence whether a person has a “warm” or “cool” complexion. Ladies with yellow or “warm” undertones include dames with peachy-like complexions, Asian ladies, ladies who tan easily and girls with darker skin tones. Ladies with blue or “cool” undertones are mostly fair complected without a lot of underlying rosiness in their cheeks.

So Step ONE: Undertone investigation. Once you have figured out step one the rest is a piece of cake! Match concealer to undertone (concealers come in warm and cool tones), go about a shade lighter than your regular foundation color, and use a brush to apply in a stippled (good word right?! It means dab on lightly) pattern then BLEND-BLEND-BLEND, we promise you’ll be pictcha’ perfect, and without a blemish in sight. We’ve even included our most fave concealers to make this completely foolproof. Class dismissed.

1. MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer: These MAC concealers come in a rainbow of shades and go on smooth – best used with a concealer brush and a teeny bit of moisturizer mixed in. $18, at

2. Veil Cosmetics Illuminating Complexion Fix: We love this concealer from Veil Cosmetics because it does double duty as a concealer AND a highlighter! $36, at

3. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: This concealer from Laura Mercier allows you to customize your concealer by mixing the 2 shades in the palette for a perfect match! $30, at

4. Makeup Forever Lift Concealer:
This concealer not only covers your blemishes but actually tightens and reduces under eye puffiness, can you even?! $24, at

5. Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer: This tube and wand concealer breaks the usual stereotype of being drippy and messy and has great texture and coverage. And HONESTLY who doesn’t need more Chanel in their life? $40, at

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