April 27, 2012 // Style

Soho Nails Is The Best Bargain Nail Joint In New York City

We love a mani-pedi as much as the next person, but you know what we don’t like? Paying through the nose for them. And just cos we want to be budget-conscious, we don’t feel that should involve the worry of fungal infections, rusty implements and the kind of thing you usually associate with a less expensive nail salon. This is why we have been going to Soho Nails for the past seven years. This large nail place on West Broadway above an art gallery is the best bargain nail joint in the city, for sure. We are long-standing patrons for a few reasons. The first being the girls. They’ve been working there twice as long as we’ve been going there, and they are GOOD. They don’t cut corners, they’re fast and you come out with an amazing mani or pedi at the end of it. Super-efficient and profesh. They use Essie and OPI, and always have a huge selection of colors, and you can get waxed too, if you feel like it. The only downside is there’s no nail dryers but we just spray that aerosol drying stuff and call it a day. It’s all good. And a mani is $9. Please.

458 West Broadway # 3, NY 10012 Tel 212-475-6368

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