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Stone Fox Bride Is Where The Cooler Wife-To-Be Shops For Her Wedding

If you’re anything like us, you may not be of the marrying variety (as in no one’s asked us yet; inquire within for applications). And while we’d be tickled pink to find our baby daddy in the next fill-in-remaining-childbearing-years, we are also grateful to have thus far dodged the crazy bedlam known as Wedding Planning. Groan. Weddings have always seemed cheesy – all the updoes, distasteful theatrics, $150-a -plate microwave-meal equivalents, forced march photo-ops and well, the archaic uncoolness of it all has always struck us as one huge, steaming, pile of “off-putting.” Marriage and relationships are certainly different from our parents’ generation – so why isn’t there a different way to get married? Isn’t there a place for the girl who wants to celebrate her union uniquely (but no one’s asked her yet)? The girl who doesn’t really give a flying rat’s ass about tradition and who is well, cooler (and currently more single) than your average bride-to-be?

Yes there is. Stone Fox Bride, brainchild of former Nylon editor Molly Guy, is a one-stop Soho-based showroom and shop, for the cooler bride-to-be. Guy has joined forces with some of the most innovative non-traditional designers of the world – Darryl K., Electric Feathers, Lindsey Thornburg, Wren, Birkenstock, Loeffler Randall – to name a few, offering bridalwear that wasn’t built to be bridal but built to be beautiful. Stepping outside the bounds of just gowns, their mission is to “offer brides-to-be a calm luminous space to find their authentic, untamed, full-blooded wedding style.” A full-blooded wedding? Yee haw! No more spray tans, pancake make-up, French manicures and $20,000 rhinestone-encrusted gowns. Along with non-traditional dresses, Stone Fox also offers up a finely curated mix of artisanal products including raw gem engagement rings, home goods, organic make-up, shawls, moccasins, custom veils, wild flower garlands, bridesmaids and flower-girl dresses, even gifts for the bridal party. If that weren’t enough, they also offer up alternative suggestions for DJs, nutritionists and sex therapists, etc. Now if only our cool, handsome better half – with a large trust fund and who was very humble and athletic – would hurry up and find us, then we too could be a client at Stone Fox Bride. Invalid Slider Slug

611 Broadway, Suite 613B, New York, NY 10012, tel 212-260-8600

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