June 5, 2012 // Style

Ten Undies New High-Waisted Knickers Are Our Kind Of Underwear

We’re suckers for anything in cute packaging, and the fact that each pair Ten Undies comes in its own pretty airmail envelope lets us know these are our kind of knickers. The cotton mini-hipsters have been a staple among downtown New Yorkers for a few years and now we can add high-waisted drawers to our underwear uh, drawers. It’s not just the soft Italian cotton we’re drawn to, it’s the vibrant, fun colors. And in these high-waisted ones you don’t feel quite so naked when you’re stripping off. If you’re self-conscious, that is. Also in the current climate of sheer everything, you do need a high-waisted knicker to maintain some kind of modesty. These are going to be just fabulous with our Mad Men bra.

$45, available from June 12 at Tenundies.com

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