January 18, 2016

Thanks Pressed Juicery, For Bringing a $6.50 Green Juice To New York City

There’s nothing worse than wanting to get healthy, and then discovering this new healthy lifestyle is bankrupting you. Hands up who’s spending hundreds of dollars a week on fresh fruit and vegetables as part of your January healthy kick?

When cold-pressed juice first became a trend among New Yorkers a few years ago, the general consensus was that $11 for a juice was a lot. Yet, as competing juice brands popped up, that price never got any lower.

Until, that is, Pressed Juicery came to NYC. The west coast company first brought its $6.50 green juice to the right coast via small concessions in Equinox gyms and such, and a few months ago opened its very first standalone store in New York City. With cold-pressed juices, cold-pressed coffees and specialty waters as well as healthy little snacks, you’ll be happy to hear a ton more stores set to open throughout 2016. No question where we will be buying our juice from now on.

329 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012 Tel: 646- 669-9496 pressedjuicery.com

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