December 7, 2017 // Style

The Aska Troy Bootie Has All The Comfort Of A Sock Boot Without Being A Sock Boot

Sock boots, eh? Sooooo 2017. They looks really cute at the moment, but are so trendy one has to wonder if one will still want to wear them six months from now? And The Comfort! You can’t really beat the feeling of support and coziness of a sock boot.

We recently spent several months searching for the perfect red ankle boot. Something with the comfort and flattery of a sock boot. Some were too orangey-tomato red, others sagged around the ankle and some were just uncomfortable and that’s an instant ‘fuck no’.

One rainy afternoon, we stopped by Bloomingdales Soho for some Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner and ended up having a wander around the store, which inevitably led us to the shoe department and the trying on of four different styles of red boot. This brand Aska (we’d never heard of it TBH), but we were instantly drawn to the perfect cool raspberry tones of their Troy bootie.

The swing heel looks high but is more of a mid-height, so you can take the subway or walk instead of spending your funds on Uber, and the elastic ankle is snug and soooo flattering, not unlike a sock boot. Tightness around the ankles is mega-important when you’re wearing the current wider leg jean styles. You want it to be like ‘yes, my legs are super slim under these pants’.

The softness of the leather is another plus. It’s squashy and soft, and after trying on a bazillion pairs of boots before these, the comfort contrast is beyond apparent.

The Troy bootie ($495) comes in a bunch of colors, all of which are available at and it’s also on sale ($346.50) at

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