March 7, 2012 // Style

The Fountain Blouse From Reformation Is The Ultimate High-Low Affair

The whole high-low thing is taking over our lives. Firstly, we prefer to call it a mullet, it’s more fun. Also, this is the shirt that has been sent from heaven to save all girls who hate their butt. It’s like, oh look at my slim hips and thighs, aren’t I so perfect and guess what, there’s a TON of junk happening back there and you will never know! Why? Cos my mullet shirt is skimming it like water off a duck’s back, that’s why! This Fountain top from Reformation is pure insanity. It’s semi-sheer crepe with a huge back slit, and we borrowed this for a shoot recently —and let’s just say it almost didn’t make it into the returns bag.

$155 at

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