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The Only Six Packing Tips You Will Ever Need. Trust.

We could make a whole thing out this with suggestions of travel irons and mini products and blah blah blah, but you know what? We’re experts. We don’t go running to Duane Reade for mini bars of Dove when we travel. We don’t bring uncomfortable shoes. We don’t bring things we don’t wear. You guys, we pack for a whole week into a carry on. And you can too.

1. Pack three tops for every bottom. For one week pack six tops, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, one dress, and three bras. And don’t forget your knickers!
2. Bring stuff you wear a lot as opposed to holiday specials. You need to feel comfortable and “yourself.”
3. Stick to similar colors. Everything should go together, so mostly neutrals like black, navy, white etc
4. Don’t pack huge sweaters. Do the layering thing with tanks and cashmere.
5. While we are not “pashmina types,” a light wool scarf such as this will prove invaluable on a chilly airplane or in an air-conditioned restaurant. Most clichéd tip? Maybe, but you know what, clichés exist cos they’re true.
6. Bring a couple of fun necklaces to dress up the basics for evening.

We actually start two nights before so we have a whole day to realize we forgot to throw in our earplugs. And the night before travel we leave all our stuff on the side of the sink instead of putting it in the cabinet so we can see what we use daily, and then just put it in that glamorous Ziploc and off we go. The end.

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