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This Emergency ‘Cold Coachella’ Outfit Guide Is Not Designed To Depress You

How many “Coachella packing” stories have you seen this week? And how many of them have featured the standard tiny jean shorts, low-cut tanks, floppy hat and ankle-boot combo, aka The Coachella Uniform.

There’s nothing wrong with these outfits. Nothing at all. We’ve been to Coachella many, many times and for 95 degree temperatures, this is a good look. But, it’s the weather this year that’s causing us concern. The forecast says low 70s — and that’s the HIGH. It will be, like, 50 degrees at night, and unless you want to catch double pneumonia, you will need to rethink that packing situation — and call ahead to make sure the pool is heated as high as it will go.

Also, rain is forecast for Friday. We don’t even know how to process that. But instead of wistfully staring at our new bikini with the tags still on, we are more proactive than that. Make outfits that work for the weather. Pretend it’s Glastonbury. Do whatever you need to do, just don’t let the weather ruin your weekend!

Here’s what you need to pack:

1. Socks. Instead of sweaty, gross, swollen, hot feet you are now more likely to have freezing cold, miserable toes. Pack some socks. Topshop have nice ones. $6 at Topshop

2. A scarf . This is what you tuck into your bag for when it gets chilly at night. Or in this case — chillier. Wah! This star print one from Barneys is maje. $145 at Barneys.com

3. Jeans. Floral prints are everything at the moment but we are newly obsessed with J Brand star print denim. They will practically reflect the night sky when you’re lying on the grass listening to Radiohead. And yes, we know they will match your scarf. Go with it. $198 at JBrandJeans.com

4. A hoody. Do NOT go without a hoody. T By Alexander Wang hoody, $165 at Shopbop.com

5. Hunter boots. We never thought we’d see the day. Hunters at Coachella, but no ones wants muddy Isabel Marants $125 at Neimanmarcus.com

6. Token quirky festival attire. We don’t normally condone this, after all it’s not friggen’ Burning Man, but this Maison Michel bear rain hat is too cute to handle. $285 at Openingceremony.com

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