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This Kerastase Ritual At Butterfly Studio Changed Our Opinion About Salon Conditioning Treatments

Confession: until recently, we never truly believed a salon treatment could truly be of benefit to damaged hair. As far as we were concerned, you can’t revitalize hair that’s been utterly effed up by color and heat mistreatment. It’s done, dead. Well, we were wrong, as we discovered recently at Butterfly Studio on Fifth Avenue.

The New York flagship of Kerastase, Butterfly Studio has a room created just for treatments. The basins have massage chairs and footrests so you can have a relaxing snooze as your treatment is applied, and there’s a massage station for a massage from a real-life person as your treatment absorbs.

Each treatment is tailored to the needs of your hair: our “ritual” was diagnosed by the resident treatment specialist Jill Guzzo and involved a deeply moisturizing oil treatment. After a shampoo, a customized oil concoction is massaged into the ends and scalp. We then sat under a steam hood to help the oil absorb to its maximum value and after a rinse, there was a shoulder massage and a blow-dry.

On a scale of one to 10, our hair looked 10 times better than when we walked in. Smoother, sleeker and not weighed down, but that’s what you would expect from a professional right? Which is why the follow-up treatment is really what we want to talk about.

Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatments are customized vials for use at home at three-week intervals, or whatever is deemed appropriate for your hair situation. They are highly concentrated and may give your hair that dreaded weighed-down feeling if used too often, so it is imperative that you follow your stylist’s advice.

Our hair prescription was intended to strengthen and repair and with a double process bleach every couple of months you can be sure our hair needed it. Similar to a hair mask, you apply a vial after shampooing, massage into the hair (beginning at the ends) and after 20 minutes, rinse. We applied the night before a bleaching and saw significant reduction in breakage as well as impressive overall texture and condition. Even after blowing out at home it had the appearance of a salon blow-dry, and we were not expecting that.

We are completely and utterly converted. This system is brilliant.

From $100, plus the cost of vials at Butterfly Studio, 149 Fifth Ave., #2, NY 10010 tel 212-253-2100

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