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This Tata Harper Limited Edition Rose Hydrating Essence Is The Best For Summertime Skin

For those who experience extreme shine in summer (uh, everyone?) this Tata Harper Hydrating Flower Essence moisturizing toner is the answer to our prayers. Instead of going right to your moisturizer post-cleansing, you spritz this lightweight mist over your face a few times and it not only adds that moisture boost, it also soothes, heals and balances the skin at the same time. Biodentical hyaluronic acid helps your skin naturally hydrate itself, while humectants will give you a youthful, plump appearance. And you know we are always trying to get that young, plump skin! The triple rose blend (rose absolute, rose otto and rose hydrosol) gives it the most heavenly scent, too as well as calming any redness you may have. The experts at Tata Harper recommend you pop it in your purse for random moments of hydration. It’s actually perfect if you need to give yourself a makeup overall at the office, in case you don’t get home between work and dinner. It feels incredibly refreshing upon application, so gives you a little zest, too.

$72 at TataHarperSkincare.com

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