October 8, 2012 // Style

Tommy Guns Is Not Just A Beautifully Designed Barbershop, It Really Is One Of The Best Hair Salons In New York

You’re new to New York, you need a haircut. Where do you go? You’d think there was any amount of places to choose from, right? Well, technically yes, but also no. The thing is, NYC has a ton of salons but the good ones you can probably count on one hand. Why is this? We don’t know, but ask anyone. It’s true. We have a handful of favorites, and Tommy Guns is most definitely one. It’s quite different to the other salons we’re used to. The interiors are based on traditional English barbershop vibes (owner Russell Manley is a Brit), which entices equal numbers of male and female customers. This can be somewhat weird for ladies who believe it’s impossible to look pretty in foils, so you’ll just have to get over that. It’s very laid back with a consistently great soundtrack but there is no slacking on the styling. Please. This is a group of talented people (shout out to Derek!), many of whom we imagine traveled by steamer from Southampton, England, to the bright lights of New York. In addition to the Ludlow Street shop there’s a Brooklyn location in Williamsburg, natch. As well as coffee/water/whatever you can have a PBR while they work their magic on your ’do. In our opinion, having a beer with your balayage is how it should be.

138 Ludlow St., NY 10002 tel 212 477 1151
85 North 3rd St., NY 11211 tel 718 3888 288

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