July 22, 2014 // Style

Vênsette Is Legit The Easiest Way To Book A House Call With An Actual Professional Hair Stylist And Makeup Artist

We’re really not sure how Vênsette managed to escape us until now, but we’re sure glad we discovered it. Founded in 2011 by New York socialite and generally smart business-minded human Lauren Remington-Platt, Vênsette is an app that allows you to book professional makeup artists and hair stylists, who come to your home/office/wherever and get you ready for whatever event you’re getting ready for. The artists are frequently those who work magazine editorials, TV shoots, celeb red carpet moments etc. so they’re definitely not some wack, low-rent shysters. Put it this way, you’re extremely safe in their hands, so just relax ‘cos they got you girl!

We gave the iPhone app a shot a few weeks ago for an magazine shoot and give in an A+. It’s so seamless, you open the app, choose the makeup look you like from a menu of really quite beautiful options e.g. dew, sun-kissed, Grace Kelly and if you want hair you do the same with that. You don’t have to have both hair and makeup, you can do one or the other, that’s totes fine. We were impressed with Ana’s punctuality and the fact that she was really neat with her accoutrements. There wasn’t crap everywhere and she laid everything out on towels. She runs a tight ship, that Ana! She listened to specifics about our makeup preference and since she does hair and makeup, she was able to give us a brilliant blowout right after. In under 90 minutes for both. Basically, we’d use Vênsette every time we go out, if we could.

From $145 at Vensette.com
and the iTunes store

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