October 26, 2012 // Style

Viviscal: An Update. It Really Does Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Thicker

At the start of this year we encountered some hair trauma. Not loss, thank CHRIST but breakage. We were beginning to look like an extra from Quadrophenia and since that weird spiked Paul Weller crown is not our jam at ALL (accidental pun!) we were very anxious to deal with the broken hair. A beauty expert friend Amber told us about Viviscal, a supplement made up of fish proteins that encourage your body to create more keratin. Not only does it make your hair grow extremely fast (ask our bang trimmer) it makes the new hair stronger so in our case we were able to grow out that broken stuff asap, and continue to keep our peroxide lewk. “Your hair seems thicker,” said Derek at Tommy Guns who cuts our bangs. “It’s not breaking. It’s so much better!” said Mai at Bumble & Bumble who does our color. And Teddi at Sally Hershberger who does our haircut was all like, “Your hair is in much better condition, what are you using?” It really is crazy effective, and we can say that now after using for seven months. And PS yes we have all those people tending to this hair. Who do we think we are?

$49.99 for a month at Viviscal.com

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