March 27, 2012 // Style

Want ‘Cara Delevingne Brows’? NeuBrow Can Help You With That

Cara Delevingne has these amazing brows. Thick but not out of control. Mariel Hemingway had them. Brooke Shields had them and god knows, we would all have them if we didn’t get cray with a tweezers over the years. Well, maybe not Madonna; she has the weird bit in the middle where her brows grow upward instead of across. Well, if you don’t have as much brow left as you’d like and you want them to grow real fast, there’s this new gel called NeuBrow which gives fuller looking brows in 30 days. How? Exclusive dual-weight protein complexTM which conditions and protects the brows to promote strength, suppleness and shine. Bioengineered polypeptides, a proprietary combination of amino acids, help rejuvenate the brows. You use it several times a day. A clear gel that you apply to the brows, you then allow it to dry and comb through. In four weeks you can start calling us Cara.

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