February 20, 2014 // Style

Want Cheekbones So Sharp They Could Cut Someone? Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder Will Take Care Of That For You

Way, way, waaaay back in day we were introduced to contouring by a lovely makeup artist at the Mac counter in Brown Thomas, Dublin. She used an eye shadow called wedge to create legit insanely sharp cheekbones, and we haven’t looked back since. These days, of course contouring is the worst-kept secret of makeup artistry. Ru Paul’s Drag Race practically runs on the stuff, and the Kardashians are virtually unrecognizable without their contoured layers. Contouring can change everything – slim your nose, lift your cheekbones and even hide that double chin after a particularly gluttonous holiday season. Deceased makeup genius Kevin Aucoin was known as the foremost ‘sculptor’ of faces, so it stands to reason that his Sculpting Powder is one of the most widely-used. A combination of brown, red and grey pigments, it works with all skin shades to create shadows where you want them. You can even dust some under the tip of your nose to create that cute little ski-slope effect some women pay thousands for in surgery. It’s super easy to use – just make sure you have a sculpting/angle brush.

$44 at Barneys.com

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