July 26, 2016 // Style

We Dreamed Of An Ice-Cream Clutch So We Just Teamed Up W Paige Gamble And Made One

Our love for ice-cream knows no bounds, so when the idea of collaborating on a collection of bags and clutches with Paige Gamble came about, we knew immediately we had to reflect this love.

Not all ice-creams are created equal. We wanted a scoop top as opposed to a soft-serve, and the tones needed to be just right. For three years, we drove past an ice-cream outside an antiques store in Southampton, and earlier this year, we bought six of them to hang in some of the rooms we were designing at The Surf Lodge.

Then the idea grew. What if the handbag collection connected directly to the rooms? What about a perforated tote bag inspired by the perforated chairs in the master suite? What if we made a mini Life Saver charm like the one hanging above those chairs?

So we did! And it turned out great. So happy you guys.

$295 at paigegamble.com

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