August 4, 2015 // Design

We Need A Package Of Mindful Crystals By Anna Sheffield Like Yesterday

‘Stuff’ who needs it? If Marie Kondo is to be believed, we should be offloading our shiz instead of accumulating more. That is true for most stuff but when it comes to crystals, you should be gathering as many of these wondrous items as possible.

Fine jewelry designer Anna Sheffield is fully into mindfulness and such, and her most recent project From Here To Infinity truly reflects that. Earlier this year, Anna hit the road for a trip to a gem fair in Arizona and was so inspired by the energy of the land and the gems she discovered in Tuscon that she was like: ‘Let me put some mindfulness care packages together.’

The result is 30 unique Minimalist Crystal Sets, in beautiful porcelain containers and filled with little crystals to help out with such important life things as happiness, willpower, change, creativity and so on.

For novices, the sets are a perfect intro to the power of crystals, and for more seasoned crystal fans they’re rad as a travel set to bring excellent vibes to your hotel room.

Each set comes with three fragrances, also inspired by that same Arizona road trip, and made to enhance the effects of each crystal set. We love the fun ‘mood freshener’ which you should totally have in your car instead of a Magic Tree.

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