May 24, 2018 // Style

We Never Believed A Concealer Could Be As Good As Rodial Banana Lowlighter. Really!

Concealer as never historically worked for us. No matter how ‘light’ ‘sheer’ or ‘brightening’ they’re deemed, we always end up with creases caked full of crap under our eyes. Up to this morning, we were pretty much certain concealer and our circles were never going to be friends.

We opened the tube of Banana Lowlighter, not really knowing it could be used as a concealer. Frankly, we just started putting it on the under-eye as a complete fluke. We were not expecting anything like the results we saw.

A tube with a brush head, you twist the end to release the fluid. It’s intended to act as a soft highlighter to the complexion, giving a radiance without any appearance of makeup.

Under the eye, it absorbed in an almost serum-ish silkiness. Not only did it greatly minimize our dark circles, it gave the area a certain luminosity that we have NEVER seen in a concealer.

This is 100% our new hero product.

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