November 8, 2017 // Style

Why Levi’s Wedgie Jeans Are The Only Jeans You’ll Ever Need (And They’re Only $98)

Having spent quite a bit on shipping/returning various expensive reimagined Levi’s jeans, a lightbulb went off. Why are we spending all this $$ on tailored Levi’s when we could just go to the Levi’s store and get some Levi’s? We are also doing a major Marie Kondo de-clutter, and have a dream about owning just ONE great pair of jeans.

‘You should try Wedgies’ our friend Jemma told us. Jemma has all the denim, from Re/Done to J Brand and says her Wedgie Levi’s are one of her favorite pairs.

Wedgie is such a terrible name for a style. Is it just us or does it make them seem like they would be uncomfortable? Putting our feelings about that aside, we headed to the Soho store to try on a pair. This style is made to hug the butt in the same way as all your designer jeans, and comes in a few different leg styles.

We don’t watch stretch and we DEFINITELY don’t want distressing. Nothing makes our stomach churn more than a faux worn-out jeans look. Thankfully the wedgie comes in a non-stretch, non-distressed wash. They do have a raw hem, which we will live with for now.

We found our size. We tried them on. They are wonderful! High-waisted, tight in the hips and relaxed in the leg, it was almost hard to believe jeans could create such a peachy bum, but they do. Size-wise, you should get the same size as your jeans as these run pretty true to size.

Honestly these fit so well and are such a great price, we almost feel as though this is a PSA.

$98 at

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