February 18, 2014 // Style

Yogis And Non-Yogis Alike Will Flip For These Chic And Clever Sweatshirts By The Numinous

Remember when everyone used to moan that there were no cute yoga clothes out there? You either went to the sports superstore and more recently Lululemon, but lately there’s been something of a shift. Namely the return of the sweatshirt as a key fashion piece, so you can now actually be cute and cool on the way to your class, during your session and on the way home. Each piece, designed by Ruby Warrington, founder of cosmic wellness lifestyle site The Numinous features a word connected with wellbeing and is reminiscent of a fashion brand logo. BTW, DMT is the psychoactive molecule in ayahuasca and magic mushrooms. Cool! They’re super clever and we want one of each, as we’re sure you do! Mind you, we don’t do yoga. Who cares though, right? Here’s the thing, they’re not for sale anywhere, but you may be able to make a private order through shop@thenuminous.net. If you ask nicely! Check out the styles in the gallery below:

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Sweatshirts cost $77.77 each

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