October 16, 2013 // Style

You Can Basically Create Your Own Amazingly Beautiful Plaid Skirt At The Scotland Shop

Plaid being one of the major trends for fall is very comforting to us. Back in day, we wore black tights, Doc Martens and a red tartan kilt with an Aran sweater. And by back in the day we are talking THE EARLY 90’s, so we have a serious affinity for that look. Fast-forward to now and we have the exact same outfit. We’ve replaced the Docs with a brogue, but that’s about it. We do have lust for a really great classic kilt though, and this Scotland Shop mini version is everything. They have any amount of tartans/plaids on hand. You can find your family tartan and have the skirt made in that fabric and (best of all) you get to customize the length of the skirt when ordering, up to a length of 18”. That’s pretty amazing.

$195 at ScotlandShop.com

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