December 13, 2012 // Style

You Can Work A Cult Gaia Flower Crown Even In Winter

Like so many awesome things, we were introduced to Cult Gaia by the girls at American Two Shot. The flower crown moment is not going anywhere just yet, and while we would all love to luxuriate in a new fresh flower crown every day, it’s just not within our budget. And what about traveling? It’s just not practical! Cult Gaia’s crowns run the gamut from flowergirl to nighttime temptress. Take the Midnight Crown ($88) for example. You think you can’t do flower crowns in winter? You can if it’s super full and black, so there’s nothing remotely summer day about it. The Pearl Crown ($155) is slightly more innocent but just as elegant, and there’s a ton of others of varying sizes and types. Aside from flower crowns, there’s a whole selection of “turbands” – a kind of headband-turban hybrid that does double duty, keeping your hair from blowing every which way on a blustery day plus keeping your ears warm. In a million patterns and colors the only issue you will have is figuring out which one you need the most.

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