June 3, 2016 // Style

You Guys, There’s Finally A Stylish Toothbrush Available

Have you ever wondered why all toothbrushes are fug? The big companies have been so focused on cleaning teeth they’ve forgone aesthetics for years. Many times while perusing the oral care aisle at Duane Reade, we’ve wondered how hard can it be to create a good looking brush? Something you would be happy to display in your bathroom… a brush in which people would be like, wow, your toothbrush is really nice! The founders of Quip felt the same way. Combining design and dentistry, these guys went back to basics and created a simple, user-friendly brush that will keep your teeth in tip-top condition, as long as you’re brushing regularly and making regular dentist visits, of course. Quip is the simple antidote to brushes that claim to do everything but file your taxes, and its sleek look is the complete opposite of those fugly, clunky things we’ve been used to for years. Aesthetes, you’re welcome.

From $40 at getquip.com

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